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This memorial website was created to honor the memory of Marie Annette Malvar, born April 1, 1965, and murdered on April 30, 1983, by Gary Ridgway, the "Green River killer." Marie, who was standing with her boyfriend and pimp, Robert (Bobby) Woods, at the intersection of 216th Street and Pacific Highway South in Seattle, WA, was picked up by Ridgway, taken to his house off Military Road, and strangled to death. 

Ann Rule's research has shown that Marie's father, Jose, and her pimp, Bobby, searched for Marie in the days following her disappearance, but they were too late, as she was strangled the same night she climbed into Ridgway's truck for a "date." Marie fought bravely for her life, according to Ridgway's later confession.  Marie's family celebrated her birthday every year, and waited for twenty years to find out what had happened to her.  Ridgway revealed that he had left her body in a ravine near Enumclaw, and the Green River task force took him along to pinpoint her location.  Like the other victims, Marie was just thrown away. 

By the time Marie's remains were found, Marie's parents were divorced and her father had gone back to his native Philippines and remarried.  He now has a young daughter whom he named Marie, after the Marie that he lost.  At Marie's funeral, her father reportedly draped his own body over the casket, crying inconsolably for his lost daughter. 

The tragedy of Marie's death is that her father, a hard-working man who owned a restaurant and a grocery store in Renton, WA, said that he should have watched her more closely.  The family detested Marie's boyfriend and they disapproved of Marie standing out on the highway "turning tricks" with him there.  Her boyfriend did play a crucial role in identifying the pickup truck in which Marie drove away, and in fact, he followed the driver of the truck, who seemed to be arguing with Marie, but the driver sped away and Bobby Woods was stopped by a red light and could not catch him.  Later, when Bobby and Marie's father went looking for that pickup truck, which had a telltale primer spot on the passenger door, they found it in the driveway of a small rundown ranch house (later reported to be the ugliest house on the street) and called the police.  Little did they know that the owner of the house, who said his name was Gary Ridgway, was indeed the man who had murdered Marie.  

At Gary Ridgway's sentencing, members of Marie's family had the opportunity to address him--and the court--to tell the effect that Marie's disappearance and murder had had on them.  Marie's brother, Jose Jr., said, "Twenty years of birthdays and holidays together were lost because of you.  I'll never have closure because I'm not going to see my sister any more,'' Mr. Malvar said. ''She's always going to be part of my life.''

In a recent news story on KOMO-TV, Marie's former boyfriend, Bobby Woods, stated that because of what happened to Marie, he left the "street life," getting out of drugs and prostitution. He now has a "straight" job which he has held for over a year.  He said that what happened to Marie was his fault and that if he'd gone through that red light that night, she would not have been killed by Ridgway.  

Marie probably would have eventually quit prostitution on her own and gotten out of that whole scenario.  However, Gary Ridgway made sure, as he did with the other girls he killed, that Marie Malvar would never have that chance.

In an article from PEOPLE magazine (see link below), Marilyn Molina, Marie's older sister is quoted as saying: " I know where she's at now. I'm at peace."

Marie is buried at Washington Memorial Park, SeaTac (Seattle area), Washington State.

Rest in peace, Marie.

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This site was put up in memory of a young woman who was brutally murdered.  Regardless of what she was doing, she was a human being with a family who loved her and who misses her today.

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Tributes and Condolences
I Miss You .   / Tatiyana Chapman-Malvar (Niece)
I love and miss you auntie marie with all my heart . Because of that evil horrid man I have never gotten to meet you but God wanted you to be with him . Every day I wondered why God was selfish and wanted you all to himself but then i realized that I...  Continue >>
the one you never got to meet.   / Alissa Hill (moms best friend )
you and my mom where good friends and i never got to meet you by i know a lot of storys about you and her. and every time i get to hear them i cry. And some day i will get to meet you you are in my prayers love you!Continue >>
To my dearest friend of my youth.   / Regina Mapanao (Life long friend )
Marie you have been there during my growing years and tought me many thing that I have used all my life.  There has never been a day I have not thought of you remembering the days long ago at Wing Luke South Shore and Rainier Beach. The protecti...  Continue >>
Rest in peace Marie   / Stan Welson (neighbor)
 Marie had babysat for us on several occasions .
she was always laughing and smiling.
so sad to watch the family go thru what they did trying to find her.
my heart goes out to the family as well.
You will always be remembered   / Anthony Swan
 I understand that we will never meet, but if you would have lived as you should have,  we would be about the same age.This is 1 of the reasons that i feel a connection towards you.  From what I read I know that you foug...  Continue >>
Thinking of you  / Valerie Carlisle (childhood friend )    Read >>
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH  / Maryjane Malvar (sister)    Read >>
GONE TOO SOON, TOO MANY YEARS  / Janice Tehie (None--webmaster)    Read >>
May Your Slumber Be Blessed  / Anese/Nathanuel Antoine/Barrett (None)    Read >>
REST IN PEACE MARIE !!!! REST IN PEACE!!!!  / Maggie Tusi (none)    Read >>
A vivid memory of Marie  / Sharada Williams (Someone who remembers Marie )    Read >>
I'm so very sorry, May you rest in peace  / Shirley Perkins (none)    Read >>
Marie your courage is enlightening!!  / Susan     Read >>
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Her legacy
Legacy of Marie Malvar  

Marie's legacy is that she was brave, kind, and she fought bravely for her life.  She was no match for Ridgway, unfortunately; if he had relented even for a second, she could have survived and been with us today.  She is remembered as a loving, kind, happy daughter, whose parents loved her very much, and whose family has been permanently affected by her death.  At Ridgway's sentencing, her brother stated, "Twenty years we have not known what happened to her. Many birthdays and Christmases were lost because of you."

Marie is buried at the Washington Memorial Park, King County, Washington State.

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This is more dangerous than even working in a liquor store. If this link does not work, copy and paste the URL into your browser. OR you can Google the name of the article, "The John Next Door" and you should be able to find it. 

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